Kunes Auto Body of Greenfield

You find yourself in an accident within the Southeastern Wisconsin region, and you’re now faced
with a damaged and inoperable vehicle. Numerous questions race through your mind: What will
the repair costs be? How long will it take to get my car back in shape? Could this accident result
in my vehicle being declared a total loss?
We understand that this is a trying and uncertain time, which is why Kunes Auto Body of
Greenfield, in Wisconsin, is committed to providing exceptional care for your vehicle. Our team
comprises highly skilled professionals who are well-prepared to restore your vehicle to its
pre-accident condition. Whether it’s dealing with minor dents, precision paint touch-ups, or
extensive repairs, our technicians stand ready to assist you. Moreover, we are well-versed in
collaborating with all insurance companies, ensuring that this challenging period is as
streamlined as possible.
Contact us today at (414) 482-6246, and let Kunes Auto Body of Greenfield put your vehicle
back on the road promptly!